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One Journey, just 1€
Sorry, there are currently no Hertz One car available. Journeys are added regularly, so please check again soon.
Why use Hertz One?
  • UP TO 24 HRS

We are proud to launch Hertz One, our one way car hire service in France which lets you rent a car in one location and drop it off in another. With one way car rental trips across the country for just one euro, you can benefit from getting where you need to be without having to worry about returning the car to the same location.

There’s no catch. In all honesty, it’s you that’s doing us the favour. By opting for one way car rental with Hertz One, you’re helping us move our vehicles to where they need to be while we provide you with the great value car hire service we’re known for. So we both benefit.

Whether you’re moving to the other end of town or leaving the city altogether, you can take advantage of our one way van hire to help transport your items. It’s even handy if you’re taking a road trip with friends and are planning on flying back, or you’re wanting to travel to stay with family. One way rentals can also be the ideal solution if you need to transport large purchases from the store to your home and if you need to help move your son or daughter to their new university digs.

With so many advantages to one way car and van rental, you can simply get to where you want to be and we’ll take care of the rest.