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by Jacky - 04 novembre 2014

We've all experienced the stress that car rental can sometimes cause - make a reservation, pick up the vehicle and above all bring the same place where it was taken.

Well with the Hertz Service not necessarily because we allow our customers the choice to return the vehicle they rented in any of our stores.

So if you decide to travel 1.600 kilometers through France but as fatigue begins to be felt, and that motivation is not there to make the return journey, or if you have several working meetings planned in various cities and bring your vehicle to your original rental point makes no sense, it's not a problem.

Our "Rent here Let elsewhere" means that you can make your vehicle in the agency of your choice - even when traveling across Europe, you can make your vehicle in a Hertz counter a other countries.

Our branches in airports offer this service "Praise here - Let elsewhere", that way, if you go away for several days and you do not want to leave your car in the parking lot for the duration of your stay, you can rent a car closest to your home bar and drop it off at the Hertz counter at the airport before departure.

Most of our rental car one-way also offer unlimited kilometers so you do not have to worry about distance or browse during your stay.

So if you rent a car, but want flexible terms restitution, do not hesitate, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.